After Purchasing Your New Home, What Bedding Should You Use to Furnish The Bedrooms?

When you purchase a new home, you’ve undoubtedly got to begin furnishing it. When furnishing a bedroom, bedding is extremely important. After all, we spend the bulk of our lives asleep. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose pillows that fit your individual needs. If the quality of your sleep is lacking, so will the quality of your job and other important responsibilities. People do their best work when they are refreshed.

That being said, finding the right pillow can prove to be a challenge. How do you sleep? On your back? Your side? Factors such as these will determine how high and wide your pillow should be. There are also many different fill options. Synthetic, cotton, water, feather, down, or memory foam, to name a few. Below are the different pillow options that you can choose from.

Synthetic pillows are mostly cheap, are lightweight, and perfect for people with allergies. They are also very easy to take care of, and they don’t put off any noise. However, their life span is about six months, and they flatten ever so easily, which is not ideal. The filling also eventually starts to get clumpy.

Feather pillows generally are not that expensive. They’re also easy to shape, and have a decent lifespan. Some people dislike that feathers tend to spike them, as they come out. They are noisier than the rest of the pillow options, and they’ve also got to be regularly re-fluffed. While feather pillows were once the rage, they have lost popularity over the years.

Down pillows are the softest, lightest, and long lasting of pillows. However, they can be frightfully expensive. However, when it comes to supporting the neck of spine, these pillows are not ideal, and you’d be better off choosing a different fill. You will have to fluff this type of pillow regularly as well.

Memory foam pillows do tend to offer great support as well as pain relief. They can also be quite soft, and are very durable. They can also be contoured to closely match head and neck, are quiet, have good durability and are easy to look after, and, those people who get on with memory foam pillows LOVE them.

Latex pillows are cooler and more airy than memory foam, and they shape themselves to the head and neck. They are soft and supportive, so they offer effective pressure relief, and still holds their shape well. They are also very quiet. On the other hand, they can be expensive, as well as heavy.

Micro bead pillows are used as an effective pain relief pillow for neck and shoulder pain. They offer good support, are very moldable and conforming, are relatively inexpensive and durable, as well as light and airy. Some of the cons are that they can be noisy when you shift your position, and they can initially have a chemical smell. At times, they are too firm.

Water pillows do offer fantastic support, height and firmness, and they shape themselves itself to contours, and offer good pain relief, especially for those with back and neck pain. However, the water can make them heavy and sometimes noisy if there is an air pocket. They also are fairly expensive.


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